Sandra's Creative Designs, LLC



Conveniently located in Monmouth County, New Jersey

Sandra's Creative Designs has been servicing all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania
and New York for over 17 years . . .

We are conveniently located in Central New Jersey

Sandra has over 20 years of corporate experience in NYC,

working at a major insurance company and bank.

In 1980's with the inception of computerized technology,

Sandra knew what her love was.  Yes,Graphic Design!

In 1992, she was a rare owner of high end techology,

Computer, Color Printers and Scanner

and thats when the imagination and creativeness became endless!

Aside from her own corporate responsibilities, she began designing

Corporate invitations, and the creativity just continued.

So the choice was made when she relocated from Brooklyn to New Jersey.

Sandra's Creative Designs, LLC was created.